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The Guam Chamber of Commerce has enjoyed a great partnership with Ada’s Trust & Investment, Inc. for over 40 years. The administrative staff are warm and accommodating. They are quick to answer questions and address any issues. We look forward to continuing in this partnership for several years to come!

Catherine Castro, Guam Chamber of Commerce

We have been a tenant of Ada’s Trust & Investment since 1995 and continue to appreciate the high-quality office space, their professionalism, and the impeccable response to our service requests. The building is typhoon ready which allows us to continue operations as quickly as possible after a storm and they’ve accommodated our renovation plans as our business grew over the years. We would be happy to recommend Ada’s Trust & Investment to any business seeking an office space.

David J. John, President, ASC Trust

Ada's Trust & Investment, Inc. has always been attentive and helpful throughout our experience as a tenant. Si Yu'os ma'ase to the management and staff for their outstanding service!

Senator Tommy Morrison

I have been a tenant for more than 10 years. My experience with Ada’s Trust has been extremely positive. The building and parking area are well maintained. I have been impressed with their professionalism and attentiveness to my needs. Thank you for your excellent service.


As we looked for the right place to build Guam’s first birthing center, Ada’s Trust and Investment provided the perfect solution for Sagua Mañagu and MPG. An ideal location, aesthetically pleasing building design and back-up generator for uninterrupted services are just what the doctor ordered. Property management is responsive and accommodation which is particularly important for our patients, physicians and healthcare team. It’s been nearly 20 years. Sagua Mañagu and MPG are right at home with ATI.

Lina Leon Guerrero, Sagua Mañagu, MPG

We have been very pleased with the facilities and quality of service provided by Ada's Trust & Investment for the almost 20 years that Advisors Unlimited has been a tenant.  The cleanliness and maintenance of the buildings gives a level of professionalism we and our clients have an immense pride in.

Flo Martinez, Advisor’s Unlimited

I have been a tenant of Ada's Trust & Investment Inc. for 20 years. The company has been an excellent landlord; the buildings are well maintained and is always responsive to any concerns that a tenant might have.

Senator Tom Ada

We have been servicing Ada’s Trust for decades now. Sonny and his management team have always been quick to address any plumbing issues for their tenants promptly and thoroughly. Their goal has been to ensure no interruption or inconvenience for their tenants and their tenants customers as well as ensuring quality work is performed. Furthermore, they demand quality work, not taking shortcuts and are always pro-active to nip potential problems in the bud. 

Jessica M. Barrett, Barrett Plumbing

We at JWS have been servicing Ada's Trust customers with Air Conditioning service for the last 20 years, and we can certainly attest to the fact that their tenants comfort and safety come first. Whenever we get a service call from Ada's for their tenants, we are required to be there within one hour, If not sooner. Ada's Trust has always been a pleasure to work with and their staff is very knowledgeable, we look forward to another 20 years or more.

Roger Jones, JWS Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Ada’s Trust is a great customer for Pacific Pest Control.  We are able to treat a variety of property types and when assistance is needed, they are fast to respond.  All recommendations we propose are fixed quickly which makes our job that much easier.  Best part is that invoicing is a breeze and payments are received right away!

Phil Hagen, Pacific Pest Control

For the past 24 years I’ve operated my law office at the Ada Plaza Building, owned and operated by Ada’s Trust & Investment, Inc.   There are two primary reasons I’ve never thought about relocating my office: Ada’s Trust is both responsible and responsive.  Their buildings are routinely repainted, renovated, and updated, which helps make a good first impression with clients.  Also, when notified of any problem, they respond immediately.  I am a loyal Ada’s Trust tenant and will remain one until I retire!

William D. Pesch, Esq.  Guam Family Law Office

We have been tenants of Ada's Trust & Investment, Inc. for over five years and we are happy tenants!  Sonny Ada and his staff have been very supportive of our needs and are pro-active in scheduling preventative maintenance and notifying us way ahead in advance.  Sonny even joined us in a teleconference with our internet provider to ensure they came up with a solid solution to fix our internet outages.  Outstanding customer service is their signature mark!

Frankie P. Dumanal, GPSI Guam

Ada’s Trust has proven to be a loyal customer to us here at Secure Safe Solutions. Always bringing professionalism and a friendly work environment with all they do.

Jerick D. Cruz, Secure Safe Solutions

Ada's Trust & Investment, Inc. is one of our very best and oldest clients! I know they expect quality work on their buildings and we do our very best to provide whatever is needed for their tenants. We never have to worry about payments from Ada's Trust & Investment, Inc. I wish all my clients were just like Ada's Trust & Investment, Inc.

Benny K. Ng, EMI President

We have been providing professional pest control services to various Ada's properties for many years. Ada's properties deserves the best which is why they choose NO KA OI Termite & Pest Control (Guam) Inc.

Paul "DUCE" Romias, Jr., President No Ka Oi Termite & Pest Control (Guam), Inc.

Ada’s Trust & Investment, Inc. (ATI) portfolio includes quality commercial spaces in Guam's most prominent locations. With over 30 years of proven service in Guam, the company’s commitment to provide service to its tenants are reflected in the quality of its buildings. As leading commercial valuer and consulting in Guam, Cornerstone Valuation have seen many portfolios and ATI is no doubt the leading service provider in Guam. ATI not only provide quality product and service, its reputation as a trusted company provides ease of minds to its tenants.

Siska S. Hutapea, MAI, AI-GRS, SRA, R/W-AC, MRICS, MRE | President

Green Energy Solutions, Inc. would like to thank Ada’s Trust & Investments for being such a good customer over the past 4 years. It is nice to see that a landlord cares about conserving energy. This is not usually the case. Most landlords will not make the capital investment so their tenants can enjoy lower power bills. We look forward to their continued patronage as they continue to provide some of the most energy efficient buildings for lease on the market today.

Lynn Scott, Chief Operations Officer, Green Energy Solutions, Inc.

We have been tenants of Ada’s Trust & Investments for over 15 years. Sonny Ada and his team have diligently worked with us and our AIG Corporate Real Estate & Client Services division to come up with a solution that best fit both our needs. They are very attentive and fast to assist when issues arise in the facility.

Bridget O. Bagiac, AIG, Deputy General Manager, Finance & Administration, Guam Insurance Adjusters, Inc.

C.A. Paulino & Associates Insurance, Inc. has been tenants for the past 23 years with Ada’s Trust & Investment, Inc.; which speaks for itself. Over that time, we have grown as a business and so have our needs. Working with the staff and Mr. Sonny Ada has always been a pleasurable experience. Any maintenance issues or requests have always been high priority. Their prompt response and professional service is the reason we continue to do business with Ada’s Trust & Investment, Inc. and look forward to many more years.

Charles A. Paulino, President, C.A. Paulino & Associates Insurance, Inc.

FAMILY FINANCE Co. have been with you for 19 years. All these years you have given us totally awesome service. We are always impressed at the speed you get things done, including repairs. We would like to express our extreme gratitude for your outstanding service.

Arlene P. Bordallo, President

A to Z Services has provided building maintenance services to Ada’s Trust & Investment, Inc. for the past 2 decades. The success of the company is attributed to its professional working relationship with not only my staff and I, but also with their tenants. We look forward to working with them for many more years.

Joe Cruz, President

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