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Quality Care

Our Experience

Ada’s Trust & Investment, Inc. is a family owned and operated real estate and investment company specializing in commercial buildings with office and professional space for leasing.

ATI was incorporated in January 1980 by its founder, the late Pedro P. Ada, Jr. and his wife Fe. The company’s roots run deep in the community as its founder pioneered numerous well-known businesses throughout his 50-year business career.

Today, the Board and Management of ATI are led by their children who together with a small team work to maintain the company properties and deliver excellent and efficient tenant services. As with the company founder, members of ATI continue to contribute to the community and non-profit organizations in both time and money.

Ada's Trust & Investment Staff
Location. Service. Trust.

Commercial and Professional Building Leasing and Management

When considering where one should set up their business, you will often hear “Location, Location, Location.” At Ada’s Trust & Investment, Inc., we believe location is only one aspect to consider when setting up a home for your business. Just as important are service and trust. We are committed to maintaining our buildings and servicing our tenants’ building needs professionally and promptly. We work hard to gain and retain our tenants’ trust in our building management. Providing peace of mind to tenants so they can continue to manage their own businesses.

Board of Directors

From top (left to right):
Dr. Frances A. Purviance
Teresa A. John
Patricia P. Ada
Maria A. Bonnie
Carla P. Ada
P. Sonny Ada

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